Steel Entry Doors Toronto

We manufacture and offer top quality Exterior Doors Canada has seen. Our collection of steel entry doors in Toronto is available to all Ontario. Our steel doors are energy efficient and very durable while providing resistance to bowing and cracks.

Our steel doors provide increased security to your home and are extremely difficult to manipulate when locked. In our manufacturing facility we can paint steel door exactly how our customers want, in order to add character and interest to their home. We also guarantee professional installation and ensure perfect fit.​

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Features of Custom Steel Doors and Exterior Doors Canada

Beauty – Steel doors are very customizable and can be made with a variety of glass options according to customer requirements.

Cost – Steel doors are an affordable option.

Energy efficiency – Steel doors can help with energy savings because they are insulated with polyurethane foam to achieve the highest R value in exterior door systems.



1. Which exterior doors Canada are available with you?
We offer a variety of types of exterior doors ideal for the Canadian climate, such as steel, fiberglass, and wood. Every type comes in different designs ranging from traditional to modern to fit the architecture of any Canadian home.

2. What is the performance of your exterior doors in Canadian weather?
Our exterior doors are best suited to the unique Canadian climate. They have weather-resistant materials and insulation, which can endure harsh temperatures, snow, and rain in all seasons, making them durable and energy efficient.

3. Can I make my exterior door for my Canadian home’s style?
Indeed, we consider customization the heart of our service. You have many options in terms of colors, finishes, glass options and hardware to create a door that not only works in the Canadian climate but also fits your personal style.

4. Why are your exterior doors a safe variant for the Canadian houses?
The exterior doors we produce are made for security purposes, they are made of strong materials and construction. Choice of improved security is in multi-point locking systems and reinforced frames that give the home owners peace of mind both local and across Canada.

5. What is the maintenance aspect of the exterior doors in Canada?
Our doors are designed to low maintenance, specially in a country with the Canada weather. All they require is simply cleaning and sometimes hardware checks to make then look good and function well.

6. What should I assume the life span of my exterior door in Canada?
With material quality and design of the door, together with Canadian climate we can ensure decades of reliable use. The durability is dependent on the material and design but our doors are designed to provide years of trouble-free service.

7. Do you install exterior doors in Canada?
Sure, we provide national installation services. We provide the best installation of your door anywhere in Canada to ensure maximum efficiency, security, and durability.

8. Doors outside Canada, what kind of guarantee do you supply?
Out exterior doors have been backed with a full warranty which covers manufacturing defects as well as material performance suited to the Canadian market. Please, contact us directly for warranty information.

9. What should I do with my outdoor door in the climate of Canada?
Routine washing with mild soap and water and periodic checks on seals and weather-stripping will keep your door in good condition. Check for any finish wear as Canada’s weather is harder and fix it when needed too.

10. What is the first step in choosing an outdoor door for my house in Canada?
You may start by browsing through our online catalog or coming to one of our showrooms located throughout Canada. Our team has all the information you want from energy efficiency to the design options that will help you chose the supreme exterior door for your Canadian home.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details or to book a consultation. We are dedicated to assist you in finding the best possible exterior door for your residential place in Canada.