Fibreglass Doors: Your Energy Saver

Fibreglass Doors: Your Energy Saver

Entry doors are most desirable when they save energy efficiently. In the wake of winter, people are not only looking for a way to save energy but also a way to save on their electricity bills. This has got them looking for energy-efficient doors. The simple solution to this is to bring home fibreglass doors.


The versatility of fibreglass makes it excellent for entrance doors, which look better if they complement a home’s décor and style.

Reasons to Install Fibreglass Doors

Along with its adaptability, there are many other reasons why fibreglass entry doors are the perfect choice for any home. Here are some of the top reasons to consider fibreglass doors:

Fibreglass doors are many folds more energy efficient compared to solid wooden doors for entry. It has a low thermal conductivity and is energy efficient on its own, but when you add insulation, it can’t be beaten. They have exclusive insulated cores that deter thermal transmission between the exterior and the interior, delivering quality protection against harsh weather.

With a fibreglass door, you may use very little energy to maintain your home at a required temperature, which can help cut down on your utility costs.


These doors are made to be easy to maintain while flaunting a classy impression. They require very little upkeep. If your door is exposed to the elements or has a dark finish, a protective layer of clear marine varnish can preserve it and keep it looking excellent.


Fibreglass doors are known for their high quality and durability. They are more enduring than wooden doors and resist many types of damage because of their polyurethane cores. These doors can withstand a lot of wear and tear without breaking the surface. They are not susceptible to termites or other pests that can damage the wood.

Fibreglass doors are also resistant to water and snow damage. They don’t shrink and swell like a wood door, so you don’t have to worry about getting them crammed in the summer season. This further enhances its utility.


Since these doors are constructed solid along with quality hardware, fibreglass doors make more secure entry doors when compared with wooden ones. When the door is shut or latched, reinforced steel panels decrease the chance of forced entry. Other additional safety measures, such as an extra bolt, further render it one of the smartest solutions for your household.


The door may easily fit any doorway with a form and texture that will complement any design aesthetic, with a wide variety of possibilities including casual, classic, and contemporary styles.

Fibreglass vs Wooden Doors

It’s difficult to disagree with the inherent beauty, richness, and originality of wood, and if the home settles, you can plane down the door’s edges. Today’s laminated veneers and crafted cores avoid the dreaded swelling and adhering issues. However, wood exterior doors are still susceptible to sun and rain and can decay if you don’t keep up with patching, painting, or polishing. For these reasons, fibreglass doors make a good alternative.


Get fibreglass entry doors installed in your home today and experience new levels of security and comfort.