Fiberglass doors will last longer than steel and also do not require any maintenance. Fiberglass won’t rust or dent and will stay in good condition for
many years. Another important advantage is that fiberglass doors are very energy efficient. Fiberglass doors can be stained to achieve wooden like look.

It is a combination of gas and film that helps to lower energy cost by keeping heat inside in winter and letting sunlight in the summer.

Tempered glass is much stronger than regular glass. And if breaks, it will break into small harmless pieces.

No, it is completely free of charge and there is no obligation.

Yes, we offer 10 years warranty for our doors.

The terms of disposal and cleaning up the site after the work is done are in the contract. Usually it is the installers’ responsibility to dispose of old door, unless the customer request otherwise and that can be adjusted in the contract.

We manufacture our own doors. We have a plant in Vaughan, ON where we assemble all the components and ensure the door systems we sell are in the highest standers and best quality available.

It depends on various variables such as type of door and how long it will take to remove old door, also if any additional equipment is needed. Usually, a single door will take approximately half a day to replace and install.