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Windows and Entry Doors Toronto

Premium Door Systems creates quality fiberglass entry doors that are made in our manufacturing facility, to ensure the highest level of beauty, security, and energy efficiency. We use Mastergrain components in order to produce tough and maintenance – free doors.


We manufacture and offer the best quality steel doors in Toronto and its surroundings. Our steel doors are energy efficient and very durable while providing resistance to bowing and cracks.

Exquisitely Designed Front Entry Doors Vaughan

Are you looking for modern entry doors in Toronto? Whether you want entry doors in Toronto area or need steel front doors in Vaughan, Premium Door Systems is a one-stop solution for all your door needs. As one of the leading front door companies in Toronto, we take pride in manufacturing the finest quality fiberglass and steel doors.

Modern Entry Door Company Toronto

Our doors can improve the appearance of your home dramatically. Whether you are building a new house or starting a renovation project, we can provide a stylish and sturdy custom entry doors in Toronto.

Double Entry, Steel, and Fiberglass Doors Vaughan

We make use of latest technology and high-quality materials to manufacture modern front doors in Toronto. We also have a team of qualified and trained professionals to skillfully install double entry doors in Toronto homes. As an established entry door manufacturer in the Toronto region, we design, manufacture, and install doors that are tough enough to withstand wind, rain, scorching sun, and would-be intruders. Moreover, whether you choose fiberglass entry door or steel front doors Toronto, our every product is exquisitely designed that exude beauty.

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Our staff is well trained with years of experience which helps to ensure our products is always made according to the highest standards in the industry. We provide our clients with fine products every time while maintaining positive customer service.

Personalized Approach

At Premium Door Systems we are able to manufacture standard and customized door systems, exactly to our customers requirements. In our manufacturer facility we can paint or stain steel and fiberglass doors in order to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Latest Technologies

We use various technology and tools to build standard and customized door systems. Fiberglass and steel doors can come in many different sizes and we always guarantee a perfect fit for our customers. Also, we offer and provide various glass options which are integrated with the door system.

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